Water Quality
A general introduction to Water Quality specifically written for Kawai Nui Marsh is presented in KOOLAU.NET.


A KBAC grant to ‘Ahahui Mālama i ka Lōkahi (KBAC Grant) includes water quality measurements as part of an overall assessment of the condition and function of Kawai Nui Marsh. For the grant, the measurement of water quality in the marsh was approached several different ways:

  1. Samples and instruments were used to monitor water quality at established locations (stations) on a regular basis (monthly events) for a year. These data are presented in tables posted on the web. Some station locations are shown on a photomap of the marsh;

  2. The water beneath the floating vegetation mat was measured at penetration or "well" sites using a multi-parameter probe. Well sites are shown on a photomap of the marsh, and the wells described on the web;

  3. Recording temperature devices were distributed to monitor water temperature in selected areas.

The three approaches overlap in some parameters and even locations where measurements were made. However, different methods and instruments were used to obtain certain results and overcome various physical and temporal constraints. Water quality monitoring (1) entailed monthly visits at 6 to 8 locations where appropriate water sample bottles were filled and readings made with field instruments. This effort was undertaken by CK Marine and Stream Services. Water samples were analyzed by AECOS Inc. Water quality beneath the floating mat (2) was measured on an irregular basis using a Horiba U-22 multifunction probe. Continuous recording (every 15 minutes) of temperature (3) was accomplished with Optic StowAway temperature loggers manufactured by Onset Computer Corporation.


Results are discussed by analyte or analyte category:

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