Wetlands at
Nā Pōhaku o Hauwahine Restoration Project

`Ahahui Mālama I Ka Lōkahi & Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation

Aquatic Biota Listing for Kawai Nui Marsh at Nā Pōhaku o Hauwahine

As wetland/open water pond restoration proceeds, utilization of new and altered habitats by aquatic organisms occurs. Following is a listing of species observed by Steve Montgomery, Eric Guinther, Ron Englund, and others at this particular location in Kawai Nui as of May 2000. A listing of the dominant plants that occur here naturally, along with those brought in to encourage habitat diversity, is presented elsewhere: [see plants]. Also, a picture listing of terrestrial animals is being developed: [terrestrial fauna].

Taxa | Scientific name |   Common name / Description   |   Status |

Pulmonata, Physidae
  • Physa virgata
  • pond snail nat
    Gastropoda, Pilidae
  • Pomacea canaliculata
  • apple snail nat

  • indet.
  • Ostracoda
  • indet.

    Hemiptera, Notonectidae backswimmers
  • Buenoa pallipes
  • nat
    Odonata, Coenagrionidae damselflies
  • Ischnura posita
  • damselfly nat
  • Ischnura ramburi
  • blue-spot (males) damselfly nat
    Odonata, Aeshnidae dragonflies
  • Anax junius
  • green darner ind
    Odonata, Libellulidae dragonflies
  • Crocothemis servilia
  • Asian dragonfly / bright red (males) nat
  • Orthemis ferruginea
  • lavender (males)nat
  • Pantala flavescens
  • globe skimmer / brown-orange dragonfly ind
    Hemiptera, Mesoveliidae
  • Mesovelia sp.
  • water treader
    Diptera, Chironomidae midge flies
  • indet.
  • green midge
    Diptera, Ephydridae marsh flies
  • indet.
  • large marsh fly

    Osteichthyes, Clariidae
  • Clarius fuscus
  • Chinese catfish * nat
    Osteichthyes, Poeciliidae
  • Gambusia affinis
  • mosquitofish * nat
    Osteichthyes, Synbranchidae
  • Monopterus albus
  • rice-paddy eel nat
    VERTEBRATA, AMPHIBIA frogs and toads
  • Bufo marinus
  • giant toad nat